Days of War blurs the lines between player and creator (Video)

Fallout 4 delivered detailed in-game base building content but lacked the depth of multiplayer. Minecraft gave us an immensely collaborative multiplayer experience but with only very basic building blocks. Imagine a game that combined the best of both. Detailed building content in a collaborative multiplayer environment.

Days of War wants to give players both, then give them the option to make their creations functional in an online WWII shooter.

Everyone has their favorite scene from Enemy at the Gates, Saving Private Ryan, or Band of Brothers: a sniper perched in a clock tower, a hedgerow of artillery in Belgium, the tight alleys of Carentan. It’s great fun to play in these historic settings, but Driven Arts believes it’s just as much fun to build them.

Days of War invites WWII shooter fanatics to join up with their friends and construct their favorite battle scenes, then play them out in the style of classic competitive shooters like Medal of Honor, Day of Defeat, Enemy Territory, and Call of Duty 1 & 2.

The success of Minecraft, Mario Maker, or the base builder in Fallout 4 can all be attributed to player creation being accessible and central to gameplay. It’s given your average player a taste for how fun it is to be a part of building the game you play.

George Rivara, Lead Developer, states, “We’ve seen our friends’ imaginations go wild using the Fallout 4 base builder – building massive and detailed structures just for the fun of it. But after putting in all that hard work into building a base, all you can really do is stand back and admire it. A base is meant to be attacked, and a base is meant to be defended. So we thought, ‘What if we make building as easy as Fallout 4, then give you the ability to share your creations and actually play them with your friends?’ “

Pre-Alpha Map Editor Preview (third person):

Pre-Alpha Map Editor Preview (first person):

“Players will be able to build the same caliber of maps that we can in UE4, without ever entering an engine or tedious editor, lowering the barriers to being a creator. The best creations will be featured to the entire community. But if players just want to design a private HQ for their clan to hang out in and practice on the shooting range, they also have the freedom to do that.” – Lee Snodgrass, Designer

After a decade of players clamoring and even signing petitions for big studios to bring back the classic shooter style, Days of War will be available to for testing this Spring and coming to early access this Summer if successfully funded. Days of War brings with it cutting edge visuals and a powerful in-game player content creation system, all thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

Availability and platforms:
Days of War will join the first batch of shooters built on Unreal Engine 4 in 2016, releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One– Pre-Orders are available now through Kickstarter