Star Story: The Horizon Escape, 2D adventure game closer to release

Ever wanted to visit a nice habitable planet in the middle of nowhere? Now is a perfect timing! Pack your things, the spaceship departs on April 13! Destination: The Horizon.

‘Star Story: The Horizon Escape’ is the 2D adventure game that presents you the juicy colourful world filled with details, so a player of any calibre could get a feel of modern popular and geek culture. From the very beginning of the journey, you will encounter lots of events and CG-painted NPCs and mobs.

‘Star Story: The Horizon Escape’ has:

•The Alignment Scale: talk, explore, make decisions! Trade alignment points for new technologies and tools.
•Turn-based combat: plan your next move. Stun your enemies, set them on fire, remove their shields! And don’t forget that they can strike back…
•The base and the workshop: turn on the music, tell the droids to process resources, and craft a few gadgets in the meantime. These tools will help you to solve riddles and deal with enemies (and even avoid them sometimes).
•Beautiful world: The Horizon is not only about deserts. Enjoy the view, but remember: you’re not alone…
•Colourful characters: meet the locals! Who is more to your liking? Bandits or traders? Mindless sand shrimps or Church of St. Intellect? Killer-droids or crazy scientists? Maybe you should try to get along with all dwellers of this planet… It’s up to you to decide!

The game will be available on Steam for Win PC on April 13, 4:00 PM PDT.