Stardrift Nomads, Co-operative, Retro, Space combat game

Risen Games has released its first game on Steam, Stardrift Nomads, available for PC and Mac.

Scramble the fighters! Pirates and asteroids are inbound and threaten to destroy your home, a drifting colony of nomads wandering space with no particular destination.  Survival is harsh on the frontier, you must redirect or destroy huge space rocks, vaporize pirates who would see the Colony dismantled for parts, and collect what scrap you can to power your engines and press on in this endless journey into the void.

Stardrift Nomads brings a new take to the dual-stick shmup genre by incorporating tower defense elements, class customization, and a robust wave generation system to make for a frantic scramble for survival.  Three unique classes, each with their own sets of interchangeable abilities, equipment, and towers, allow you to choose how the game is played.  Build and upgrade towers to create an impenetrable defense for your Colony, or drop all your cash on ship upgrades and abilities to become the alpha starfighter.

Stardrift Nomads utilizes Steam features so users can easily play together via network multiplayer and supports up to 8 players at a time.  Round up your friends and see how long you can survive in the drifts of space!