“Starlight Vega” and “Lucid9: Inciting Incident” Now Available on Steam

Sekai Project, a publisher and licenser of Japanese new media and electronic entertainment, today announced the release of two new visual novels on Steam. From Razzart Visual comes Starlight Vega (PC, Mac, and Linux), a magical and whimsical tale filled with yuri-based romance, and from Fallen Snow Studios comes Lucid9: Inciting Incident (PC and Mac), a thrilling mystery involving the peculiar disappearance of high school students.

About Starlight Vega
Developed by Razzart Visual, Starlight Vega tells the tale of Aria and her mother who, after the death of Aria’s grandfather, decide to move in to his estate that they inherited. From the very moment of their arrival Aria knew that something wasn’t quite right with the place. It’s in the old house that Aria discovers a unique door unlike any other.

Against her better judgment, Aria opens the door, only to find the seemingly harmless study of her late grandfather. Within the study Aria finds a gem, and the moment she touches it, trouble arrives. A demon named Lyria has been freed by Aria’s touch, and consequently becomes bound to Aria. Now Aria, an ordinary highschool girl, must find a way to free herself from Lyria, who seems to crave the exact opposite. Add to that the increasingly realistic dreams plaguing Aria, the romantic tension between Aria and a select few girls around her, and the supernatural phenomena – it seems like Aria’s life will never be the same again.

Key Features:
· 8-10 hours of gameplay.
· Three Yuri-themed romance routes!
· 10 different endings based on the choices made by the player.
· Professional soundtrack by Geoff Moore.
· Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
· Optional “love scene” content.
· Free demo available.

Purchase Starlight Vega on Steam.

About Lucid9: Inciting Incident
Created by Fallen Snow Studios, an international group of developers and visual novel enthusiasts, Lucid9 is a mystery visual novel set in the fictional metropolis of Isamu. In Lucid9: Inciting Incident players will assume the role of Yama Ishimoto, a cynical high school student who is forced to investigate a recent string of disappearances at his school.

As Yama furthers this investigation, he must dig through the secrets of the city, bringing him and his friends closer and closer to danger in the process. Every step leads Yama to the most unexpected – and terrifying – culprit…

Key Features:
· Free to play!
· A 10-hour long story that sets the stage by introducing the world of Lucid9 and its characters.
· Multiple choices that influence the outcome of the story.
· 30 original musical tracks, over 150 character sprites, and 10 beautiful CG scenes.

Download and play Lucid9: Inciting Incident for free on Steam.