STAX, Arcade puzzler on Steam

STAX is on Steam for Windows – it marks the exciting rejuvination of the Arcade Puzzle genre. Experience this fresh take on the classic formula.

“STAX!!! Blast your way through one hundred colorful, addictive levels in this classic inspired arcade puzzle game.”

STAX is a spiritual successor to Klax, the 1989 arcade game. It is just as fun and addictive as the arcade classic but with many improvements, not least of all, the soundtrack. STAX features contemporary music from aardonyx and Arcade Haze, augmented with stages that react dynamically to sound.

Players need to place the same colored brick adjacent to one another, in a combination of 3 or more. Doing this removes the combination from the basket and scores points. Each wave has a goal that needs to be completed in order to progress. Multi-bricks have a one in twenty chance of spawning, which allow the player to join different colors in one combination.
The levels progress linearly from 1 to 100, with the difficulty increasing every few waves with the addition of more colors and an increase in speed. Each level also speeds up the longer the player spends on it.