Strikers Edge “Goes Medieval Dodgeball” on Steam and PS4

Developer Fun Punch Games and global indie publisher Playdius announced the launch of Strikers Edge. Available to download and purchase for Mac and Windows PCs (via Steam) worldwide and PlayStation®4 (via PSN) for North America audiences, Strikers Edge delivers a new twist to classic games of dodgeball with remarkable medieval weapons and mighty ancient warriors.  Players in Europe can look forward to Strikers Edge’s EU launch via PSN for PlayStation 4 starting on Jan. 31, 2018.

Delivering ultimate “Dodgebrawl” battle experience, Strikers Edge allows players to choose from a roster of eight ancient warriors from different eras and civilizations, each with unique abilities, play styles and strategies. Dodge, take cover, block, aim and scorch the earth with devastating moves! Fight online or locally across four different arenas and achieve the ultimate victory in 2v2 matches with a friend or become the best striker in 1v1 battles. When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball, only the top striker will be victorious!

Designed not just for players, but also with livestream audiences in mind, Strikers Edge includes a special Twitch Mode, exclusive for PC. Viewers in chat can vote on a variety of match modifiers, making for memorable and messy battles with options such as Slippery Floors or Huge Weapons! Viewers can also participate during matches by taking on the role of in-game audience members. Cheer and boo Strikers and see your actions affect matches in progress!