Stunning satellite images of Earth. VisionPuzzle available now on the App Store.

VisionPuzzle, created by the indie game developer Team Vienna Games, is a fun to play jigsaw puzzle game for iPhone and iPad consisting of amazing satellite images showing the human influence on the surface of our planet Earth. This exclusive selection of pictures is taken from the top selling book Human Footprint published by a specialist of geographic information and satellite images – eoVision.

VisionPuzzle takes the player on a trip around the world, targeting well-known scenes such as Sydney or New York as well as regions seldom seen before. While man remains invisible in these images, they focus on the results of the creative transformation of the Earth.

Three difficulty levels guarantee challenging and entertaining hours of puzzle solving for everyone. Interesting facts about each location are included as a bonus. Further features like best times, pausing, focusing on border pieces, moving pieces aside for better overview, makes VisionPuzzle a wholesome, convenient, and fun to play alternative to real jigsaw puzzles.

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