SUPER ARC LIGHT receives a major update! (Video)

No Code’s arcade radial shooter SUPER ARC LIGHT has just evolved to a more powerful form 🙂

The game now includes new enemies, weapons, music — and much, much more:

* New difficulty mode: 3 lives!
* New weapon selection mechanic: There are now 3 random weapons to select; just shoot to choose
* Score now added during gameplay, with the point value shown for each kill
* Rebalanced some enemy behaviors, speed, and collision areas
* Optimized best score/final score when you kill something . . . after you’ve died
* Gameplay tips added to death screen
* Kill speed stats on “game over” screen
* 3 new music tracks
* 1 new enemy type (big points bonus!)

Jon McKellan, Creative Director (No Code Studios):

“We can’t thank the Super Arc Light community enough for their consistent feedback and support. It’s been immensely helpful in shaping the new update, so please keep it coming!”

Super Arc Light launched to critical acclaim back in March, when it received Apple’s coveted Editor’s Choice feature — as well as placement in Google Play’s Indie Corner. The game features a unique one-button control system that delivers a fast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience unlike any other on iOS and Android.

Super Arc Light is available on iOS and Android for $0.99 / £0.79.