SUPER ARC LIGHT has been deployed to the App Store and Google Play! (Video)

“Super Thursday’s” first game is the aptly-titled SUPER ARC LIGHT! No Code Studios’ intense radial shooter is now available on iOS & Android 🙂

Super Arc Light is a minimalistic arcade radial shooter in which players must defend their base to the death against waves of tough enemies. The game features a unique one-button control scheme that delivers a fast-paced, retro “shoot ‘em up” gameplay experience that will leave players on the edge of their seats. The objective: to survive for as long as you can — taking down challenging enemies with speed and precision for the ultimate high score.

With many deadly weapons to unlock (each with its own spectacular visual effect), players can look forward to lighting up the skies as they destroy their foes, one by one, in an epic display of space warfare.

Super Arc Light is being published by All 4 Games, the official gaming arm of UK’s Channel 4.

— Fast paced, retro “shoot ‘em up” gameplay
— Waves of challenging enemies to overcome
— Many deadly weapons to unlock
— Spectacular visual effects
— Global leaderboards

Super Arc Light is now available on iOS and Android for $0.99 / £0.79. There are no in-app purchases of any sort 🙂