Metal Warrior Published on Steam Greenlight (Video)

In the face of an almightily alien robot you need just a bit more than a pair of exceptional weapons –– you need speed.

The Metal Warrior game comes with a completely different solution to the issue of creating games that are both engaging and adaptive. Or stylish and difficult. This game has blended the fury of a racing experience with the ferocity of a shooting spree. It’s fast, yet it gives you a hard time building your way up. It provides you with armors, energy beams and lightning rays, yet its robots are ruthless.

The Metal Warrior game tells the story of the humans after having been conquered by an alien species, called Kygoryans, who left behind them robots that walk the streets of cities killing everything in their path. Humans have tried to adapt and have created nests–places where they can be safe and where they can thrive. But these nests need to communicate and people must exchange food, meds, and weapons. The drivers are committed to doing just that.

You need to take action. You must be smarter than the robots are, move better, decide faster, and act quicker. You must choose your paths well, find the weapons that suit your style and make use of them with each and every opportunity.

For now, we throw in 27 cars, 29 deadly weapons, one style to suit them all. Gorgeous textured armors. You need to cover the infinite number of driving and shooting styles that this game allows.

Metal Warrior has been published on Steam Greenlight and it’s finally OPEN TO VOTING. It will feature a multiplayer mode and will be available for PC, Mac, mobile and it’s maddeningly beautiful. Check it out:

PLAY! What else is out there?