Super Flipside hits the App Store (Video)

Indie game developer Brian O’Keefe is pleased to announce that Super Flipside is now live on the iOS App Store. Super Flipside is a sequel to the Xbox Live Indie Games title, Flipside, launched in 2011.

In Super Flipside, players are tasked with controlling two ships simultaneously
through vaying waves of obstacles. Its gameplay is relentlessly difficult and designed to challenge and strain the player’s multitasking abilities. Games are very fast and usually last under 60 seconds, making Super Flipside an ideal game to play
in quick burst sessions. Super Flipside features three levels of increasing

The game includes a catchy chiptune soundtrack featuring tracks by artists
Shirobon and TheFatRat, as well as a unique two-toned art style with music visualizations built into the
gameplay itself.

Super Flipside launched on the App Store at a discounted price of $1.99 USD. After
the launch sale is over, its price will be bumped to $2.99 USD.

O’Keefe says that updates currently in the pipeline for Super Flipside include
Game Center integration, additional levels, and ports for Android and Steam.