Theatre Tales, finalists of AppLovin contest, hits Apple TV App Store (Video)

Baked Games, an independent studio creating games, announces the release of Tales Theatre on Apple TV – a game that will take you back to your childhood.

Tales Theatre will show your child how to play, when the game has no words. Puppet is a fun representation of the childhood in digital form. By playing the game children get to know the whole story of the fairy tale and with please imitate the sounds of characters such as aaauuaa or uhuuu.

Theatre Tales is a return to the childhood, to playing with puppets, which were handmade. Unforgettable cartoons were beautiful, colorful and contained moral. Baked Games decided that such cartoons should be seen by the contemporary children.

Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Puss in Boots – have gone long time ago into oblivion, and they are wonderful fairy tales. It is possible to present them without unnecessary words, the content itself along with graphics makes children wonder what will happen in the next stage of Puppet Theater.

Children’s curiosity has no boundaries, so this fairy tale will never get bored. Children want to know what will happen next, the more that they can control the character, which is currently on the scene.

Baked Games has also prepared a “Free play” mode, in which with the help of Siri Remote controller, smartphones and/or tablets, up to 4 children can have fun at the same time in front of TV.

One of the founders of Baked Games, Przemek Bieniek, said: “As children, we played puppets in the theater. This world has been moved by us to the Theatre Tales.”

• Great scenes from famous fairy tales
• Stunning graphics
• Mini games
• Simple gameplay told without words
• Highly interactive and responsive
• Freeplay mode with multiplayer

Theatre Tales will be first released on the Apple TV on 23rd June 2016. The game will cost $1.99.