Switch Sides, a cool different maze game (Video)

SoulGame Ltd. starts the new year with an app that features an innovative control pad.

SoulGame’s first mobile game of the year to be launched is Switch Sides, a casual game which introduces mobile gamers to an innovative control pad and stunning artwork. This is SoulGame’s 13th game to appear on iTunes, and 5th in Google Play, since the beginning of last year. The company’s philosophy has been to develop and publish mobile game apps that combine unique play and stunning graphics. Most of these games have done exceedingly well in the Asian market before being introduced to the U.S. Market.

About Switch Sides
Players race the clock as they avoid obstacles on their way to each level’s goal. Players explore different worlds and collect coins to unlock the adorable characters along the journey in this latest casual game from SoulGame.

Innovative control pad to move around the stage. Simple but brilliant art- work. Several familiar and casual stages!

[Easy Move to Achieve Goals]

Move over the stage and achieve your goal to gain more time!

Every time you get your goal, the maze become more and more complicated in an endless fun.