System Crash – a cyberpunk collectible card game, out now! (Video)

Cyberpunks, razor girls and console cowboys, it’s time to fire up your decks and jack in!

System Crash is a single-player, story-driven cyberpunk collectible card game inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer. Choose your Runner persona, build your deck, and challenge the Megacorps on their own turf!

Note – System Crash is NOT a F2P grindfest. You buy the game, all cards are included and unlocked simply by playing through the campaign. There are no random booster packs, no F2P energy mechanics, no in-app purchases.

In System Crash, card duels represent ‘runs’, high-risk contracts from shadowy clientele. You are the run’s ‘controller’, the brains, the man or woman directing the run.

To succeed at your run you need to accumulate Objective Points, an abstract measure of how much progress you’ve made toward that goal. Accumulate 50 OP and success is yours! But if the opposing controller, usually the head of a corporate security force, accumulates 50 points before you, then you have failed. Your Agents will scatter to the streets to avoid capture and you must terminate your connection to avoid a trace on your physical location.

How the run is approached is up to you! Recruit your agents, purchase equipment and software, execute your tactics!

System Crash is out now for Windows PC via HumbleBundle and is coming soon to Steam. A Mac version will follow later this year.

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