Tainted Keep Released on iOS

Ravn Studio AS has announced its iOS release of the console quality hack and slash game Tainted Keep.

Tainted Keep is a twin-stick hack and slash game for mobile devices, with console quality graphics. This is a complete game – there are no in-app purchases or advertisements!

Set in the once idyllic village of Greenhaven, Xobia enters the keep to put an end to the misery that has been unleashed on the hapless village by the powerful wizard Morg. With powerful spells and weapons at your disposable, explore fantastic and gorgeously real-time rendered environments, packed with a variety of fearsome creatures to defeat.

Discover hidden gems and unlock devastating spell chains as you progress towards Morg’s tower, battling bosses and avoiding fiendish traps along the way.

Benchmark modes for testing your device’s hardware are also included.

“When done right, fantasy can create worlds we escape to and never want to leave. The great-playing and even greater-looking Tainted Keep offers just that, provided your fantasies have a more unforgiving, hardcore bent. It’s a keeper.”
– 148Apps

“It’s a great-looking experience”
– PocketGamer

New YouTube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxPLZQpHPAQ

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