Take the Pendulum Challenge today!

AG.Indie has releaseed his next game, “Pendulum Challenge” for iOS and Android Mobile Platforms.

Pendulum Challenge won’t require you to consume spoonfuls of cinnamon, or to squeeze your lips into a bottle, or to immobilise yourself with tape or even to lower your body temperature to resembling that of ice water. Controlling the swift swing of a pendulum will take precise timing and fast reflexes; challenging even the most adept of mini-game Kings and Queens!

Keep the ball in the air, wave your fingers like you just do care with every, careful swipe or tap. Make AWESOME single digit highscores and dare to reach higher as you compete locally and globally. Play the challenge forward in person or over social media with your friends, school mates, office mates, acquaintances, attractive persons across from you on the public transport and kindly old ladies who any other time woudn’t get this “young people stuff”. Take the pendulum challenge today!

Pendulum Challenge Features:
– Local, weekly & global leaderboards!
– Unlock the full game to get: 2 new modes, no ads and 9 great visual themes!
– Quick, simple, addictive gameplay!
– Share screenshots + highscores!

Pricing and Availability
Pendulum Challenge is available today for free on The App Store, Google Play . with an (optional in-app purchase for extra goodies). It is designed for iOS (atleast iOS 6), Android (4.0 and up) and Windows 8.