Obscuritas – Your Personalised Horror Experience (Video)

The first-person psychological horror adventure Obscuritas from VIS Games is available tomorrow in the stores as digital and boxed version for € 19,99 / £15,99 / $ 19,99.

Playing as the female protagonist Sarah, the player explores the old Mansion she just inherited from her late great-uncle trying to unravel the dark secrets surrounding this mysterious place.

Throughout the game, the unique fear recognition mechanic will constantly monitor the reactions of the player in different situations to create a personal fear profile. Later in the game, the House reacts to this profile by individually adjusting the experience according to the players fears and phobias.

Key Features:
• Creepy shadows, big spiders or terrifying monsters haunting you: Experience your personal nightmare through the games “fear recognition Mechanic”
• While fighting your way through this Nightmare you have to solve various riddles to get to the root of all Evil and defeat it
• Face your Fears in 3 different chapters
• Experience thrilling graphics set in an atmospheric environment which will turn your blood cold