Tame the Dragon in Petagon – The New Action Strategy Mobile Game

OrionArts has released its twelfth mobile game “Petagon- Rise of the Dragonlord” for iOS. This new action-strategy game is now exclusively on iOS, and has taken almost 2 years of production by a team of five.

This is the fantasy adaptation of their first successful zombie action title “Swarm of the Dead”, but with a huge boost in production quality. Players can expect quality artwork, a story-line with humorous characters, heroes with special skills and dragons that can be tamed as companions.

The game follows the journey of a group of humans who are trying to end a war that did not seem to be backed by any motivations in the beginning. However, as they traveled towards to the heart where Evil resides, more is revealed.

Enemies and challenges become increasingly difficult across three realms, and player is able to recruit more powerful allies, turn enemies into friends with benefits, and even fight and tame dragons, hence the name “Petagon”- which essentially means “Pet-a-Dragon”. The Hero (the player) is also accompanied by Erek, a charming old Royal Guard and Lisbet, an attractive petty thief who had grew up with the Hero. When the trio comes together, they are an interesting mix of seriousness, sarcasm and raw power. However, without tactical playing, powerful troops could still be annihilated in the battle by the equally powerful opposing forces.

Other than the story mode, players can also take part in exciting weekly events to unlock Premium Troops as well as Dragon Bosses.

Petagon has previously been soft launched in France and then rigorously adjusted for months before its global release. It is currently free to play on the iOS and will only be available on Android in another month. Chinese players will also be pleased to know that the entire game is translated into Chinese and even its humor has been adapted.

● Story-based Role Playing Game
● 3 Realms to explore
● Control multiple Heroes with Special Skills ● Tame Dragons as Battle Companions ● Unlock and Evolve Troops ● Special Events