Teddy the Panda: Out on Win8.1, RT, Win10, WP

Tivola, German makers of apps for kids and an families, today announced that their charming game Teddy the Panda is out now on Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

About the game: Teddy the Panda is a lovingly crafted app for small kids. The gameplay is centered on the eponymous stuffed animal coming alive in the living room to become a real playmate. It’s all about exploring the possibilities of this new friendship: kids can dress Teddy up, make him jump on the bed, help him balancing on a ball, make photos of his poses and explore the colorful playroom with him. There are many small surprises to be found!

The game features detailed graphics and cute, realistic animations that make Teddy look almost like a real animal. It builds on the Tivola’s vast experience with family games and animal-themed gameplay.

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