Teebik mobile game is pleased to present you Eternal War.

Eternal War is an amazing 3D strategy card game! The players will have the chance to play at this great game on Android.

Players will fight in epic battles with over a thousand soldiers ready to win. This kind of battle has never been seen on a mobile device.

The game offer many content with a beautiful scenery and an easy gameplay.

What kind of Gameplay ?
The player starts by choosing the general of his army with 6 available choices. Eternal war highlights the most powerful heroes and ancients in the land, call upon the powers of Thor, Hercules, Zeus and the goddess Athena to aid you in battle. Cast upon the fiery blazes of Tiamat and defeat your enemies with the wrenching curse of Medusa. Explore the wide 3D world as the player travels from the Norse Fishing City to the Egyptian Tombs and across the globe to the Greek Garden.

The players will enjoin the alliance system. By building a guild or joining one, the players will fight a horde of enemies during special events. They will also have to prove their courage in the arena.

Legendary Hero
Choose your hero among a hundred of available ancients equipped with unique skills and different characteristics like bold infantry, precise archer or also fierce cavalry. Eternal War is an extremely creative and innovative game ; The game stretches the limits of the mobile device with full 3D graphics, massive battlefields and some of the most beautiful depictions of everyone’s favorite heroes.

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