Teeter, a beautiful challenging and fun puzzle game (Video)

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY is glad to announce that the cool casual game Teeter is going to be out on Android all over the world on 6th April!

Teeter is a casual mobile game, consisting of very common individual forms: a ball, a platform and a hole. It is easy to start but super challenging. What you need to do is to lift up two sides of the board and watch out to keep the ball from falling off. Try to get it into the hole.

It is a great successful game, getting featured by Apple App Store as Best New Games, New Games We Love, Best New Updates and Editor’s choice, etc. It supports the strong control system of 3DTouch. Moreover, you will get a surprise when shaking your phone, just try it!

Teeter is a beautiful challenging and fun puzzle game, and will be great for passing time.