Catchy Fishy, a challenging puzzle game with a twist! (Video)

Catchy Fishy is a cute puzzle game about catching fish!

Players try to locate all fish in a tiled grid, using little worms as baits. Various amounts of bubbles indicate the location of the fish and you have some cool fishing equipment to help you in your quest.

Resembling the all-time classic minesweeper in… reverse, Catchy Fishy is a challenging puzzle game with a twist. In Catchy Fishy you are trying to locate stuff instead of avoiding them. There are also power ups, challenges and a trophies’ case to fill!
Go fishing in lakes, rivers and the sea! Catch fish of all kinds! Make the perfect catch! Test your luck in daily challenges!

Catchy Fishy may seem easy at first but it gets tricky, as the difficulty increases.
Are you a puzzle lover?
Have you spent hours playing minesweeper?
Do you enjoy fishing?
Collections and trophies are your thing?
Just wanna spend some time while on the bus?
Whichever the case, this is the game for you!

– reversed minesweeper logic
– daily challenges
– local achievements
– trophies’ case
– live tiles
– cool graphics
– relaxing and funny sounds
– 3 different stages
Platform: Android, Windows 8 & 10, Windows Phone
Price: Free with In App Purchases