Tennis Champs: Returns, for iOS (Video)

Uprising Games are delighted to announce the release of Tennis Champs: Returns, for iOS at midnight tonight (Wednesday 17th Feb) after a period of softlaunch.
..but World wide launch is just the start, with updates planned to bring yet more content and ways to play, as we head to the Summer.

Tennis Champs Returns

20 years after the original Tennis Champs and Super Tennis Champs hit the Amiga, this is the “King of Tennis Games” brought nicely up to date.
Tennis Champs Returns features new visuals staying true to the original pixel style, but with all new 3D arenas and retouched animation frames.
All new ball physics make the action more realistic than ever, and new controls which put all manner of top spin, slices, lobs and drop shots at your instant disposal.

Combined with an all new career mode pitting you against a field of 200 Tennis Pros on a full calendar of tour events, all new training minigames, and a Daily Challenge mode, It’s a whole new game that captures all the fun of the original.

Original Game Info

Originally an Amiga game released in 1995, “Super Tennis Champs” picked up numerous review awards, including a prestigious “Amiga Format Gold” with scores north of 90% (93% The One Amiga, 92% Amiga Power) and is regarded as a bit of a cult classic. Particularly due to it’s odd history as a cover mount game on Amiga Power (as plain old Tennis Champs) leading to its Super-er sequel as a full game.