Test your Spatial Awareness and Multitasking Ability with Mobile Game “Source Point”

How fast can your brain switch between tasks and how long can it focus, when constantly forced to make split second decisions?

Find out by picking up “Source Point”, a deceptively simple mobile game. Rotate an 8-section color-wheel to catch balls of the matching color which is being projected from the center of the wheel and see how long you can keep up.

According to Earl Miller, a neuroscientist, humans simply cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. Often mistaken as an ability to “multitask”, what the brain actually does instead is to simply switch its focus at an astonishing speed.

Source Point which features an original game play will discover just how well you can “multitask” and switch your focus between steering the wheel and keeping track of which ball comes first. Also find out more about your spatial awareness; how well you can perceive speed and distances through this game!

The game also requires finesse to time the turning of the colored wheel and also keep up with the increasing number of colored balls screaming for attention. Being just “fast” is not going to cut it, and whatever it is, try not to drop the ball.

If, unfortunately, your thinking gears are not switching fast enough, this game may also help to up your ability to prioritize and synchronize actions to what the brain is thinking and what the eyes are seeing.

Available on both iOS and Android for free, Source Point is a game for the brain-age fanatics, or casual gamers who want to exercise their brains and reflex. Play with only one finger. Kill time and do some good for your brain while commuting.

Game Features:
– Drag left right to steer color wheel and catch matching colored balls from "source point"
– Adjustable sensitivity of color wheel
– Single Player
– Endless mode

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