The Norwood Suite, the new first-person adventure game

Alliance Digital Media has launched The Norwood Suite, the new first-person adventure game from indie developer Cosmo D. A sequel to Off-Peak, Cosmo D’s original offbeat hit, The Norwood Suite is available on Windows PC via Steam, the Humble Store and

The Norwood Suite takes players to the secluded Hotel Norwood, a bizarre resort teeming with mysterious characters, secret passages and head-nodding music. But what begins as a simple errand quickly unfolds into something far more intriguing. Explore an open-ended world with surprises to discover behind every door, peer into the lives of the hotel’s guests and staff, and piece together a non-linear narrative featuring surreal artwork and an original score composed by Cosmo D.

“For me, The Norwood Suite is a real Saturday night kind of game. Turn the lights down, the sound up and really let it draw you in – alone or with friends,” said Cosmo D. “I wanted to create an experience where the mood, mystery and playfulness combine to leave you feeling like you’ve just taken a very singular, strange and memorable journey for the evening.”

Alliance Digital Media released a developer diary for The Norwood Suite featuring Cosmo D. The video offers an inside look at the inspiration behind the game, how its dreamlike atmosphere emphasises a feeling of player freedom, and the many roles music plays in bringing this unique universe to life: