Third-person adventure The Three Knights

How do you make your own style to beat the enemies on your way? Like everything in The Three Knights, you start off with your finger.
BITEGAMES recently released its third-person adventure titled The Three Knights, The journey of three brothers and sisters.

If you’ve played The Three Knights: The journey of three brothers and sisters, its story Mode should be immediately familiar. Seemingly, it has a quite common plot line with other heroic RPG mobile games. Sure, for saving the world. Its make-up is several measures of story, gathering a sister and a brother who can be a comrade in arms.

By all indications, the most outstanding characteristic in the game should be its distinctive combat system.

The game basically has an automatic attack system toward the enemy in the shortest distance. It, however, can be converted into a manual input so that players make their knights move to optimum locations to fight.
If see the bottom of the screen, players can easily spot the square icons for in-game items and magic skills besides character slots. Once players use a magic skill, they must need a waiting time to reuse it again.

In addition to deciding how to purchase items every time you get gold, by the Upgrade, each character can also upgrade their attack power, movement speed, critical hit rate and magic spell that can make your knights have a good war.
While a battle is in progress, the knights are currently tasked with surviving from the waves for as long as possible. The number of remaining knights is directly linked to higher scores as stars that are added to world map. The game also features permadeath, so players will have to tread lightly for fear of losing all accumulated resources and restarting in a newly-generated level. Daehun Kim of Bitegames says that in its current state, “The Three knights is a pure adventure survival game in its simplest form, so making tactics to each level is quite important key to clear. ”

The Three Knights: The journey of three brothers and sisters is published by Bitegames, owners of The Three Knights license, and is available for iOS and Android devices.
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