‘The Roadline Car’ is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, absolutely FREE.

The Roadline Car is simply a next addiction for Android and iOS users & they are going to pull their hair off the scalp. The game will be loved by Arcade lovers and has no age restrictions, whether you’re a teenager or an adult, this game will equally entertain you. The goal of this game is to provide entertainment while testing your reflexes and tapping skills.

In ‘The Roadline Car’, you will be pushed on a maze to drive a car without crashing it onto edges of the track; the game starts slowly and gradually shifts its gears as you proceed farther. You can neither control the speed of the car nor you can break its speed, you can only change its direction by tapping on each side of the screen. It sounds so simple but it is not actually that simple as it sounds like; even reaching the score of 50 demands a lot of skills. The track will get more complicated and car will get very speedy; only your sharp reflexes and calculative tapping will take you far in the game. The Roadline Car’s decent HD graphics and cool sound effects will make sure that the users don’t get bored anytime soon on the endless run.

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The Roadline Car is available on both; Google Play Store and Apple App Store absolutely FREE. The game targets all the regions and can be downloaded anywhere in the world.