Thermometers Puzzles: Releases annoucement

Frozax Games is proud to announce the release of Thermometers Puzzles on iOS and Android.

Thermometers Puzzles is a new original puzzle game. In each level, you need to properly fill a grid of thermometers with mercury. Numbers on the side of the grid tell you how many cells must be filled on each row and column.
Solve the 960 levels with logic only: no random moves!

Here are the main features of the game:
– Gameplay elements from Sudoku and Battleship Solitaire
– No ads
– Hundreds of levels
– Unlimited free hints
– No rush: play at your own pace, start a level and complete it later
– Beautiful and minimalist design
– Clear instructions to learn the game basics
– Multiple grid sizes for varied difficulty
– Ability to zoom in and move the grid for smaller devices
– Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phone or tablet