Thrustmaster Y-350CPX and Y-300CPX – Far Cry 5 officially licensed headsets

Thrustmaster is bringing gaming headsets to the world of Ubisoft®’s Far Cry® for the upcoming launch of Far Cry® 5. The leading hardware gaming brand is releasing two universal headsets, the Y-350CPX and Y-300CPX, allowing co-op teams to immerse themselves Far Cry 5’s fictional Hope County, Montana.

Limited Edition Far Cry 5 Headphones From Two Bestselling Product Lines

To meet the needs of gamers everywhere and particularly those fans of the Far Cry franchise, Thrustmaster is launching two limited-edition Far Cry 5 headsets to mark its arrival on PS4™, Xbox One® and PC. Thanks to an exclusive worldwide partnership with the Far Cry 5 on the latest generation of platforms, players can use these headsets to experience the intensity and action taking place in Hope County, Montana.

Set in America, a first for the franchise, Far Cry 5 offers players total freedom to navigate a serene-looking, yet deeply twisted world as the new junior deputy of fictional Hope County, Montana. Players will find that their arrival accelerates a years-long silent coup by a fanatical doomsday cult, the Project at Eden’s Gate, igniting a violent takeover of the county. Under siege and cut off from the rest of the world, players will join forces with residents of Hope County and form the Resistance.

‘Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition’: The Ultimate Weapon

With the Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition, Thrustmaster offers a high-end headset with unmatched performance sporting the distinctive colours and look of Far Cry 5. The Y-350CPX provides high-resolution audio with perfect reproduction of bass frequencies for optimal rendering of in-game explosions, balanced mids for stable transmission of other players’ voices, and unsaturated treble for crystal-clear sounds of incoming fire.
The Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition will be players’ must-have hardware when used in co-op, a mode that Far Cry 5 is all about: your teammates will be able to count on you with an efficient mic and the fine-tuned 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound.
The Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition headset boasts an impressive range of features to help players team up to confront the game’s formidable, emblematic characters:

  • High-performance microphone: unidirectional, detachable and adjustable. Designed to target the player’s voice only, for the most effective communication with teammates, and the least amount of interference.
  • Y Sound Commander unit for customizable control of the integrated 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound technology, an on/off mic switch, and the ability to toggle hearing your own voice through the headset on or off.
  • 60 mm/2.36” drivers for the most powerful bass available in the console gaming market.
  • Memory foam cushions for effective passive isolation, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller, provides double electro-acoustic bass amplification.
  • Professional-grade fit and finish with memory foam cushions, noise-reducing foam microphone cover and a red, white and blue braided cable.

Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition: A Must Have Headset
The Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition is the high-fidelity stereo version of the Y-350CPX model. The Y-300CPX ensures a perfect balance between bass, mids and treble thanks to very high-performance audio rendering, with an ideal frequency response curve for the soundscape in Far Cry 5. Using this headset, co-op teams will have all of their senses on high alert in the game’s particularly demanding environments:

  • Unidirectional, detachable and adjustable microphone, for perfect customization.
  • 50 mm/1.97” drivers.
  • Exclusive double electro-acoustic bass amplification technology.
  • Multifunctional controller to adjust the game’s audio levels, as well as the bass level.
  • The Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition and Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition headsets will be available for the launch of the game Far Cry 5