Tiles? – A challenging competitive action / puzzler (Video)

Tiles is a unique action-puzzle game that will both convolute your mind and burn your finger tips!

Tiles will be released via Steam on the 20th March 2017. Tiles is originally priced at $3.99 but will have 25% launch discount for a week, pricing it at $2.99.

It’s simple, get from the green tile to the red, whilst clearing the blue tiles in between. This basic gameplay can lead to some very interesting situations though. You must carefully consider the moves you make as you might regret them later; but do it fast because the very ground beneath you is falling!

You can also build your own challenges using the fully featured level editor. Every level in the game was in fact created in game with the editor.

This is where things get really fun, you can publish your creations and share them with the world (ala Mario Maker)! Every player created level has the ability for players to upvote, favourite, and rate the difficulty of the level.

Key Features

•90 increasingly difficult built-in levels
•Fully featured level editor
•Player created levels world
•Full gamepad support
•Local multiplayer (up to 4)