What time is it? Farm Time. On Apple Watch. (Video)

It’s that time of year. There’s carrots to be plucked, apples to be harvested and pigs to be… gently petted. But this year is different. This year you’ll be able to do all that from your wrist. Wooga is excited to announce Farm Time – the first farming game designed exclusively for Apple Watch.

A mysterious succession of highly innovative, highly effective and highly suspicious scientific breakthroughs in the farming industry have led to lucky owners of the Apple Watch being given the responsibility of running their own farm. Armed with Farm Time Miracle Growth Formula™ they’re in charge of restoring Honeytree Farms to its previous glory.

Kept company by a colourful assorted cast of fruit and vegetables (and the occasional animal) players are tasked with expanding their initial plot of land into an expansive rural paradise. Short, snappy sessions are the name of the game – by visiting their farm to harvest crops, players will earn coins which will allow them to expand their farmland cornucopia and welcome new characters to the plot.

The game currently has no in-app purchases and is available to download for free for Apple Watch.