TokoToko, augmented reality narrative adventure game on iOS

Independent developer Kalank launched the first episode of its augmented reality mobile title, TokoToko, for $2.99|£2.99|€3.49 on iOS devices (parts two and three to be released in the future as FREE updates). TokoToko combines the power of AR and imagination, with players drawing items in the real world on paper then seeing them spring to life on screen. Transporting players to an island, they must solve puzzles using their drawings to help the heartwarming TokoToko creatures on their journey.

TokoToko’s cute narrative adventure is perfect for adults and children alike. Adding a modern technological twist to drawing, players watch in amazement as their real-life sketches come to life in order to complete tasks. Whether sketching a trapdoor to create an entrance for a character to emerge from or breathing life into a sailing boat, the results are delightful. This is made possible through the power of augmented reality and a little bit of magic from the game’s namesakes – the Tokotokos.

TokoToko has a vibrant cast of art-loving Tokotoko creatures – including Hako the super-cute Cat, Azuko the Lion and Peko the Fish – in a charming tale that inspires creativity. Every moment is presented in the game’s beautiful art style that draws inspiration from clay and stop-motion animation. The player’s creations will help the Tokotoko overcome barriers, both physical and internal, to achieve all of their dreams. Each episode will further explore the story of Hako and her friends and bring new features to the TokoToko experience.

The next two TokoToko episodes will be released as FREE updates to players who have purchased the first episode. These promise to deliver even more charm and challenges in the form of a sandbox mode, new characters and new environments.