Tower Defense Game “Rush for Glory” out now worldwide at Steam and various download platforms

Publisher Immanitas Entertainment has today launched its action packed PC title “Rush for Glory” that is featuring the fierce resistance of mankind against a violent Alien invasion in thrilling and challenging 3D tower defense battles. The Indie strategy game is globally available on Steam and various download portals for an attractive SRP of 14.99 USD. A comprehensive single player campaign with 10 huge scenarios awaits fans of this popular genre. Threatened by a brutal Alien race, it’s the player’s mission to resist and rescue his home planet.

A clever strategy is the essence to survive on the battlefields in the extensive singleplayer campaigns of “Rush for Glory”. Over 30 types of fascinating enemies and level bosses are trying to break the players defense regardless of the consequences. Victorious commanders will be rewarded with gold. An extensive tech tree has over 40 troop and special ability upgrades ready for purchase. Additionally there are several Steam achievements and features available that should keep strategy gamers and fans of the Tower Defense genre
“Rush for Glory” is now available for download at Steam and various ESD channels for 14.99 USD.

Direct Steam store link:


Key Features:
•Campaign with 10 different scenarios
•3 difficulty levels
•Multiple achievements
•5 types of towers with 3 Different upgrades and 3 special abilities each
•5 power attacks. Dead rain, trap, slower, golden tower…
•More than 30 enemy types with especial behavior PLUS boss fights
•Attackers, healers, supporters, turbo types…
•Game speed controller to make game speed slow and fast
•Additional 10 mini games for each level
•Elaborate techtree with more than 40 upgrade options
•Additional cinematic cameras
•Exclusive steam features and motivating Steam achievements
•Encyclopedia with detailed descriptions of all units, towers and weapons
Title: Rush for Glory
Platform: PC
Genre: RTS / Action
Publisher: Immanitas Entertainment GmbH
Developer: Parseh Game Studio
Release Date: Out now

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