Truck Zombie available on AppStore and PlayStore

Do you enjoy driving trucks? Can you go further and smash them? Well, in the virtual world you can! Now, the leading games developer Zatun has developed an action-packed 3D game that is full of fun and excitement.

This power and adventure filled game involves slashing and smashing crazy zombies I custom armored trucks and retro VW buses. What’s more, this game is absolutely free! Simply hit the road and go beyond limits. Give power to your endeavor to fight different zombies to save the planet from their evil scheming.
This game can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Game Features:

  • Three different stages to choose from – Snow, Forest and Desert.
  • Feel the power and select your lean mean high performing giant driving machine in this zombie action games.
  • Experience the ultimate gaming excitement of zombie games with plenty of built in challenges which help you develop your skills and become a pro as you climb up the levels.
  • An enhanced damage system and AI which changes as and when you slash the zombies or encounter obstructions in games of zombies.
  • Be on top of your health and fuel status and Boost up your energy along the way.
  • A heart thumping background music to keep the excitement levels up.
  • The in-built gaming controls are fluent enough which allow you free movement on the road to avoid those fast appearing road obstacles. As you get experienced, your movement becomes better and you can achieve higher scores in the game.

The truck zombie game for kids has great reviews since its gives the ultimate gaming experience to players. You can also compete with you online friends as they can see you zoom up the charts.

Says Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia of Zatun, “We came across this idea of presenting an apocalypse style game that is filled with power-packed adventure as well as action. We are glad we succeeded in presenting a game that is not only fun but also filled with challenge and action for players across all age groups.