Alchemist Defender VR, Out for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift

An year ago, Treeview Studios, a young game developer studio in Uruguay was fascinated with the explosion of Virtual Reality games, that technology had finally come to revolutionize the gaming world. So they decided to bring their favorite genre, the Tower Defense, and re-imagine it in that new technology. That’s how Alchemist Defender VR was born, to satisfy the fans of the genre who want to stand their ground and scream “You shall not pass!! “.

TreeView Studio’s Alchemist Defender VR is a tower defense strategy game designed from ground up to be enjoyed on high end Virtual Reality devices. The game balances tower defense mechanics with intense first person combat using melee and ranged weapons. It is already available on Steam for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.


  • VR Diegetic Game UI displayed as the Alchemist Spell Book.
  • Carefully balanced tower defense game-play.
  • 4 full featured levels, each composed of 10 waves of incremental difficulty inspired in the Golden Ratio.
  • Three sets of relocatable Turrets: Fast Cannon, Frost and Mortar.
  • Multi class enemies for each level.
  • Melee first person VR combat using: War Hammer, Spiked Mace, Chain Flail and Ice Sword.
  • Ranged first person combat using Musketoon style firing arm, Explosive Crossbow, Grenade Launcher and Chemthrower.
  • Proximity mine power weapons including explosive blast, chemical shock, ice shot and void hole.

In Treeview’s first title, you play as the Master Alchemist who, after years of researching and crafting tools to find the Philosopher’s Stone, just invented a portal to new worlds. The energy of those lands will fuel your final journey to reach the Stone. To your surprise you are confronted by a rebellion in each world you plan to consume. Now in the midst of glory only a final resistance stands between the Alchemist and absolute power. Will you be able to stand your ground and dominate those who resist?