Become the Ultimate Space Merchant as Cosmonautica Blasts onto Steam and Mobile

Start the thrusters, chart a course and get in the captain’s chair as award-winning, screwball space simulation game Cosmonautica from independent video game developer Chasing Carrots launches on Steam (PC/OSX/Linux) for $14.99 and mobile (iOS/Android) for $6.99. A wacky and humorous space game that combines elements of trading and crew simulation, Cosmonautica has players start to captain a washed-up space cruiser as they explore a universe filled with colorful characters and funky space tunes.

Cosmonautica releases with detailed and amusing simulation gameplay that users can play at home or on the go thanks to cross-platform play. With a myriad of player feedback from a stint in Early Access, Cosmonautica launches with a bevy of new content, including new game missions, a variety of spaceships and improved gameplay.

“Our goal from the beginning with Cosmonautica was to create a game with a lighthearted atmosphere and solid simulation gameplay,” said Josef Vorbeck, producer at Chasing Carrots. “We’ve already received a tremendous reception for Cosmonautica from the game’s time in Early Access and we think Cosmonautica’s look and feel will entertain new players on both PC and mobile.”

Cosmonautica is a comical space game that tasks players with managing their unique crewmembers in order to succeed and become the galaxy’s greatest space trader. As Captain, players will face space pirates, trade with zany alien races and taxi customers through space in their customizable ship with upgradeable rooms for even more individuality.

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