EightPixelsSquare, the independent games studio in Derby, has announced an update to the immersive endless diver game Scuba Dupa; which is now available to download from the App Store.

The game was launched earlier in the year and has over 1m downloads and continues to challenge divers the world over. The top 5 countries are China, USA, UK, Russia and China with over 52m dives completed across the world.

Scuba Dupa was conceived during an EightPixelsSquare Game Jam session; where a veteran development team prototype new ideas. The best concepts from these sessions are put forward for worldwide release.

Players have loved the game with an average rating of 4.1 / 5 on the App Store. Typical comments from players include;
•I love it great graphics … Quick gratification… Kids love it too
•Amazing game
•It’s funny but hard and little addictive
•Good game, try it!

Scuba Dupa challenges players to navigate the character Helmut through a series of underwater obstacles to collect pearls as he dives. Guiding Helmut through the depths is not easy – there are a number of obstacles including monsters, pipes and reefs; but with skill Helmut can dive deeper collecting pearls. There is a new suit for Helmut – a funky frogman suit that slows your descent as well as multi hit helmets to help you in your quest. But keep your eyes out for the extra challenges you will need to navigate around including angler fish monsters and explosive mines!

Players can now spend their pearls on items in the shop to help you on your quest. Continue tokens are also available via in app purchase for real cash to enable players to continue after a collision. Token cost doubles with each collision in any one dive. Packs of pearls are available via in app purchase for real cash so players can buy items in the store without plunging the depths.

The touch controls have been improved so players who do not like tilting the screen can go to settings via the cog icon and select touch controls.

Mat Sneap, Eight Pixels Square Director, says ‘Scuba has been a great success for us. We wanted to launch a game thats challenging and fun, but above all, uncomplicated and hugely charming to all ages. We think we have achieved this and over 1.2m people have played the game. Scuba Dupa is at its heart a simple game. Its infuriatingly engaging and will keep you coming back for ’just one more go’…. especially when you find out one of your friends has beaten your score as we have been finding out in the office! Mind you we are well behind the leading players in the world with a Norwegian player who has gathered 3169 pearls.’

Players can use a number of control mechanisms such as tilting the phone, touching the screen or using game controllers made for iPhone and iPad. They can also share progress with their friends via social media and see whos top of the Game Center and Facebook leaderboards.

The new version of Scuba Dupa is available free from today on the App Store and has language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Scuba Dupa is designed for iPhone and iPad devices and requires OS 6.0 and above.

Web site: www.scubadupa.com

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