Updated ‘SwappyDots’ On Mobile Offers Unique New Puzzle Concept With Refreshing Gameplay And Features (Video)

SwappyDots on iOS®, Android™ and Windows Phone™ by indie game developer Code2Game was recently updated to include new modes of play adding more fun and additional challenges to the game. SwappyDots is not your typical match-3 puzzler and offers refreshing gameplay and cool new features.

SwappyDots is about creating 3 or more color matches on a grid. Unlike similar games in the puzzle genre, color matching is achieved by swapping the dots with the hole, as opposed to swapping with other dots. The difference might seem small, but the resulting play is a unique gameplay experience. In the original Time- and Step-modes of play, you needed 4 or more color matches to get bonus dots, and matches with the bonus dots offered extra time or additional moves and black dots. Matching the black dots created score multipliers. In the new Lightning-Step and Lightning-Time modes of play, it is enough to get 3 color matches to achieve bonus dots, and because the initial number of moves has been raised from 60 to 90, matching bonus dots no longer offers additional time or moves. Score multipliers are still possible by matching black dots. The addition of Lightning mode adds more fun and further challenges to an already excellent game with its faster gameplay, higher scores and effects.

SwappyDots is rich on features and is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. With 4 gameplay modes, intuitive swipe-controls, a color-blind mode and excellent sounds and graphics, download your free copy today.