Vikings Vs Waves, a funny infinite “racer” game (Video)

Apply Tiny Wing’s simple physics-based slingshot gameplay to 3 vikings sitting in a viking ship and you got yourself a funny infinite “racer” game.

About the game:
Vikings Vs Waves is a casual, fun and infinite ‘one-tap’ game where you have to control the viking ship to correctly land on the waves. Do a perfect landing and you will get a speed boost. Do a bad landing and your ship will slow down. Keep an eye out for the dangerous Midgard serpent who is lurking behind you!

Key Features:
⁃ Easy “one-tap” gameplay
⁃  Fun soundtrack
⁃  Earn different achievements
⁃ Unlock and explore different realms
⁃  Compete against your friends on the Game Center/Google Play Games leaderboards
⁃  Connect to Facebook to see how well your friends are doing