Crappy Crisis is a new funny arcade-puzzle game (Video)

Crappy Crisis is a new funny arcade-puzzle game that will test your reflexes, available free on iOS and soon on Android.

Grab your mop, prepare your finest tools and clean all the bathrooms, destroying every Crap, before their stinky fumes stun you!

Face 7 different enemies, belonging to 5 categories, each with their own special ability. Get rid of all the Craps crushing them with a touch, or moving them with a swipe to “match them”, recovering oxygen and avoiding counter-attacks.

Take on more than 140 levels with different and progressive mix of enemies, that lead you against the dreadful final boss, King Crap!

Complete the game to unlock the Endless Mode and fight a never-ending battle against the fearsome Craps!

Crappy Crisis includes also a set of original animated iMessage Stickers, for all the iOS 10+ users.

Production Notes

Born by the intention to make a parody of “the most famous game of sweets”, it immediately started to develop its own identity and specific gameplay.
Fast and easy controls, together with elaborated game mechanics, make it suitable for casual gamers but also for the ones in search for harder challenges.
The care in cartoon style graphics and sound design ironically redeems the scatological theme, too often mistreated by other titles.