VINDICTA, a first-person shooter VR game for HTC Vive

Game Cooks released VR video game called VINDICTA. A first of its kind in the region, VINDICTA is a first-person shooter VR game for HTC Vive, which is available today in Early Access SteamVR.

Not only is Game Cooks tackling VR development far away from the VR center of the West Coast, they have created an intuitive and natural arm-swinging locomotion system to move your character forward. VINDICTA also takes advantage of HTC Vive’s room scale VR, making the player physically duck, crouch and crawl to avoid incoming bullets from enemy robot!

VINDICTA is set inside UB Industries, a dangerous facility that exists for the sole purpose of building a robot army to take over the world. The player plays the role of heroic Agent V, an elite infantry agent tasked to infiltrate the facility and put an end to UB Industries operations once and for all.

The initial early access version of VINDICTA features one tutorial level and four full levels translating into a solid 6 to 8 hours of gameplay. The game includes a variety of enemies and weapons of different grades, a scoring system, movement options (such as walking, running, climbing, crawling, ducking etc.) and two main locomotion systems: arm-swinging locomotion which feels very natural inside a VR environment and a very smooth and responsive trackpad movement option.

“We worked closely with members of the VR community to help shape the game launching today, and we’ll continue to develop and refine the game alongside them after early access launch,” said Lebnan Nader, CEO and Founder of Game Cooks. “ We believe in VR and are proud of what we are building.”