The Virus: Cry for Help: Now for iOS and Android (Video)

The Virus is about a fictitious call for help

Daedalic Entertainment and POPCLAIRE release The Virus: Cry for Help. POPCLAIRE is responsible for the development and publishing of the game, while Daedalic Entertainment wrote the post-apocalyptic story.

The Virus: Cry for Help is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game is free to play and – if they like – users can purchase the full story for USD 1.99.

About The Virus: Cry for Help:
A whole city belongs to the dead and a devastating virus turns people into mindless monsters. Hanna’s a survivor and right now she’s fighting for her life… and you receive her call for help.

Real time adventure – Hanna will frequently send text messages – any time – in real time within the app or via push notifications.

Players uses their smartphone or tablet to communicate with Hanna (in-app or via push)

The player decides the course – trivial decisions may have an astonishing impact on the story.

How the story ends is in the player’s hand.

Additional military channel with background information.

Apple Watch support.

Actionable Notifications (You don’t even have to open the app to help Hanna).

Cinematic soundtrack.

Engaging atmosphere.

No ads, no internet connection required. 

“We wanted an engaging, interactive story experience for players – in real time – on smartphones and tablets. It’s very impressive how much impact a player’s decision has on the whole story. The intro, the soundtrack, the atmosphere and the thrilling story – all of this makes this game very special and exciting.” Tim Kiener, CEO of POPCLAIRE says.