Wreak Havoc as a Sentient Computer Virus in prog.1 (Video)

The minimalist hardcore 2D platformer prog.1 launches today on Steam! Created by Vector Arcade and published by new indie label Groupees Interactive, prog.1 tells the story of a sentient computer virus that threatens the mysterious G.Ai.A project. Doctors Keiko and Cushing, responsible for accidentally releasing the virus, now must race against time to eradicate the infection … or G.Ai.A will be lost forever.

In prog.1, surviving deletion is far from certain – thanks to the game’s many platform types: Small square platforms disappear on contact; rectangular platforms immediately disintegrate (to reappear a few seconds later); and large square platforms degenerate as long as the virus remains in contact with them – and regenerate if left alone. Some platforms explode … and elevators trigger on contact. Finally, running away from the horrifying “deletion wall” and dodging dangerous static waves require nerves of steel and absolute concentration from players intent on progressing through the story.

“I designed prog.1 to push players to their absolute limits, with the engrossing storyline acting as a reward of sorts,” said AJ Gonzalez, lead designer at Vector Arcade. “Sure, the game is hard – but I guarantee that players will feel an immense sense of accomplishment if they manage to see it to the end!”

Key Features
l Experience bold, minimalist pixel graphics.
l Face 48 levels with a perfect mix of platforming and puzzle solving.
l Go hardcore with dedicated Speed Run and 1 Life modes.
l Dive into a chilling sci-fi storyline exploring the digital universe.
l Revel in a fantastic original electronic score by Wine Taxi and Aftrthought.

Extra Game Modes
Skilled players can go further into the breach in prog.1’s extra game modes:

l In the aptly named “100 Lives” mode, the entire game must be played with just 100 lives.
l Brave souls in the mood for a torturous time can try completing the game without dying in “1 Life” mode.
l Speedsters can find out how fast they can complete prog.1’s story in “Speed Run” mode.

Pricing & Availability
For the first two weeks, prog.1 can be purchased for only $5.99 – 30% off the $7.99 retail price.