Walls and Balls, A fast paced ball bouncing puzzle game (Video)

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY is proud to announce that Walls and Balls, an amazing casual mobile, will be out on Android on 2nd March.

Walls and Balls is a mini-golf-pinball-pong hybrid with a Swiss design aesthetic, in which players will need to study and master the laws of physics.

Beautiful design aesthetic and details in the game make it a delight to play.
Tons of challenging levels and deceptively simple gameplay will keep players thrilled for hours. It is fun for both young and old.

How to play

•Draw walls to guide a fast moving ball into a hole. Make full use of the power-ups to help you succeed.


•Simple but not easy
•Purely but not dull
•140 exquisite levels
•Various challenges
•Unlimited creativities
•Draw walls to get the ball in the hole
•Simple design, start to challenge