Wild Life is available a free download on the App Store and Google Play

Rogue Games has launched Wild Life: Puzzle Story, a new free-to-play mobile game that blends the puzzle-based bubble-shooting gameplay with tasks and creative design simulation to deliver a fun-filled adventure and original story. Wild Life is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.
As players work their way through increasingly challenging bubble shooter puzzle levels, they will complete tasks and help Chloe rescue a menagerie of cute wild animals and fix up her family farm. The intuitive gameplay and colorful graphics make the game suitable for players of all ages.
Wild Life: Puzzle Story Key Features:
  • Unique gameplay: A blend of bubble-shooting puzzle action and home improvement simulation
  • Interesting story: Fun-filled adventure with a deep and expanding world and ever-growing cast of adorably quirky animals and characters.
  • Exciting bubble shooter levels: Lots of exciting, powerful boosters and unique explosive combinations!
  • Personalized experience: Players customize and restore the farm as they like.

More New Mobile Games from Rogue Games

In addition to Wild Life, Roge Games also recently released three other games for the App Store and Google Play: Crazy Shapes, Stretchy Legs and Play God!

Crazy Shapes

  • Run with Cuebit to save the Magic Animals of Harmony from extinction in this thrilling free-to-play platformer built for the App Store and Google Play touch screens.
  • Infinite runner mixed with classic platformer mechanics for unique gameplay. Run, Jump, dodge, shoot and complete special missions as you intuitively.
  • Discover the colorful universe of Harmony that spans geometric planets; destroy the minions of Chaos and use power-ups to free your friends.
  • Collect solar energy and search for portals; hunt and raise eggs to save Magic Animals from extinction; find them a match to unlock new abilities.
Stretchy Legs
  • Your beloved awaits, and you’re running late! Customize your avatar and use their long legs to stretch out across obstacles, from platform to platform, to reach your date in this free-to-play puzzle-platformer for the App Store and Google Play.
  • Intuitive controls (simply tap and hold to stretch and release to stride); portrait-based design is perfect for one-handed play with or without a wifi connection.
  • Gorgeous graphics with stylized landscapes and customizable characters with unlockable skins.
  • Frequent player rewards, great pacing, and tons of unlockables make it a challenging and fun experience.
Play God!
  • With the world at peace, God’s taking a much-deserved nap. So, of course, the Devil unleashes his fury to destroy everything. This premium ($2.99) puzzle adventure for the App Store puts players in God’s shoes, helping share the burden of rebuilding the broken world the Devil has left behind.
  • Traverse through levels, swiping to move the cubes around, merging them in order to rebuild the world.
  • Traverse through the levels via moving platforms, navigating obstacles such as fire, mummies, zombies, rivers, kraken and more as you piece the world back together.
  • Hand-crafted levels take the player around the world, featuring puzzles based on famous landmarks.