Wincars Racer launches on Steam Early Access on November 18 (Video)

After 3 years under development, Madrid based indie-game studios DragonJam is very excited to announce that Wincars Racer is finally ready to hit Steam Early Access on November 18.

Wincars Racer is an online arcade racing game with doses of strategy and competitive features, inspired by genre’s classics like Mario Kart, Sega Rally or Out Run. The title avoids random power-ups or any other element which arbitrarily unbalances the game, and focuses on the players’ choices to use their special skills along with their talent behind the wheel. 


Wincars Racer is a fast-paced online racing game with a strategy twist. It blends the instant fun from arcade racers with strategic and competitive features.

Trust your skills!

There are no random power-ups or any other element that arbitrary unbalances the game. Wincars Racer introduces a special skills system (three per driver) which needs time to cool down or collecting coins in order to be used. This system is inspired in MOBA games and extends the strategic options.
The combinations of driver and car for each race are crucial. As well as trying and testing different strategies in each circuit, even modifying them in the middle of a race, observing the game and your rivals’ actions.

1.      Addictive 8-player online races and single-player time attack mode
2.      30 unlockable cars with different driving styles and more than 100 alternative skins!
3.      6 drivers with a specific and unique skill
4.      9 circuits with alternative routes to explore
5.      Dedicated servers, stat tracking and leaderboards
6.      Steam friend system support, chats, custom races, and content updates
7.      OST by Javi Diez from rock act Mägo de Oz