WordApt, free to play word game on Android

WordApt is a brand new free to play word game and brain teaser that brings a whole new twist to the traditional anagram puzzle game.

50% of all proceeds from the app will be donated to Yorkshire Cancer Research to help towards the discovery of treatments for a wide range of cancers – https://goo.gl/NSCec6

This word puzzle game stimulates a player’s creativity and helps them think in new ways. WordApt picks your brain and extends your vocabulary, by forming hidden words, based on pronunciation and phonetics.  The unique game flow will stimulate your creativity and help you think in new ways.

  • Learn new words In English
  • Challenges your vocabulary
  • Ideal for ESOL users and native speakers

WordApt is the brainchild of Bradford developer Atif Bashir and took 3 years to develop from his original idea to the Google play store.