Wordgraphy – A word game where limitations are the key

Wordgraphy is a word game aimed at triggering creativity by limiting the possible moves of the player with letter groups, rather than completely freeing the player. It has more than 200 handcrafted levels that will encourage the player to think different words.

In Wordgraphy, which is developed exclusive for the Appstore, players can play the game with 4, 5 or 6 letter words by selecting the categories according to their own choice.

Summary of the features:

– More than 200 handcrafted levels.

– 9 different categories.

– Option to play with 4,5 and 6 letter words.

– Everyday new level.

– Designed to play on any occasion. No time limit, one hand control.

– Exclusive for the Appstore.

Now, it is available for every word game fans on the Appstore.