Xeno Quest Android Alpha Opens Today – Events & Perks Detailed

NGames releases details of the Xeno Quest alpha for Android players

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today thrilled to announce that the alpha testing period for Unity 3D Engine Android and iOS MMORPG, Xeno Quest, is available now.

Scheduled to launch this Summer for Android and iOS devices, Xeno Quest is a Unity Engine powered MMORPG that casts players as the heroes of a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate and balance must be maintained.

The lands of Xeno Quest are brought to life by the powerful Unity 3D Engine, combining fine artwork with advanced technology to create a fluid, fully 3D mobile gameplay experience. Players will develop powerful Knights to utilize in turn-based combat, forge unique equipment, collect vast bounties of treasure and team up with friends on special daily quests – or fight them for glory! Who will become the ‘Son of Destiny’ and use their power to change the fate of the world?

The Xeno Quest alpha test is available now, featuring a bounty of special perks for adventure gamers to enjoy.

Note: the following events are exclusive to Android players

Follow Xeno Quest On Facebook, Receive The ‘Test Gift Pack’

When the alpha test begins, players following Xeno Quest on Facebook will be handed a redeem code for the Test Gift Pack. Simply redeem the code in-game to receive a bounty of valuable Crystals, Gold, Stardust and enough special Call-ups to kick-start any adventure.

The Xeno Quest Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/XenoQuest

Exclusive Firecrush Assistant

Xeno Quest alpha testers are being rewarded with an exclusive battle assistant – the immense Firecrush.

Firecrush is a mythical beast that punishes evil and praises good. As big as an ox, it feeds on the souls of its enemies and uses its heightened sense of smell to detect evil from long distances.

Firecrush is only available to alpha testers. When the Xeno Quest alpha test ends, players who participated in the alpha will receive the beast again for the full game. There is no other way to earn Firecrush in-game, so don’t miss out!

NGames will be publishing more Firecrush details on its Facebook page.

Report Bugs, Earn Rewards

Players reporting bugs via the official forums and Facebook page will be rewarded for their efforts with bags of crystals.

All players need to do is report the bug with a description and screenshot for the developers to fix, along with their email address and ID info to receive the rewards.

Rewards are handed out to the first person reporting a bug.

Make A Purchase, Receive Double Back…

NGames is making as much of Xeno Quest available to alpha testers as possible, including the in-game shop. To reward players who spend money on the low-cost items, the publisher will be offering double-the-value rebates of crystals to all paying players when the full version of Xeno Quest goes live.

..And Get The Epic Heroine Mary!

When making a first purchase at the in-game shop during the alpha, adventurers will be rewarded with Double Crystals and the Epic Heroine Mary assistant.

A trustworthy partner, Mary is a powerful long-distance attacker and a talented magician that is proficient with Group Water Magic.

Play For A Week, Win Gold Heroine Merlin

Players who login to the Xeno Quest alpha test 7-days in a row will be rewarded with Merlin – a battle-hardened gold heroine with fatal Fire Magic attacks.

Players will also be rewarded with Crystals, Gold, Treasure Keys, Holy Water and Soul Spars for logging in on consecutive days.

Daily Energy Boosts

Xeno Quest’s alpha adventurers are encouraged to test the MMO as much as possible. Free energy boosts will be available throughout the day with no upper-limit on energy points, allowing gamers to play for as long as they wish!

The Xeno Quest Android alpha test is available now: http://xq.game321.com/information/activities/6062.shtml

Follow Xeno Quest and learn more about the exciting new game on the official Facebook page now: http://www.facebook.com/XenoQuest

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