Yeti on Furry, existence of the Yeti confirmed … on Google Play!

AMA has shown that the Yeti does exist! You can observe the mighty beast in Yeti on Furry: an offbeat, fur-packed, 3D tower defence, which is available for free on Google Play and soon to be released in the App Store.

In Yeti on Furry you play THE Yeti and slaughter hordes of climbers who are invading your lair… evenworse, they stole your undies! Unleash your super powers to retrieve your underwear… and, hopefully, defend your lair.

But beware! Those climbers can be quite vicious; they will use tricks and ingenious ploys to reach their goal, including tunnels and teleporters! Improve the Yeti’s powers, retrieve boosts and claim daily bonuses to get as high a score as possbile. The sky (or, at least, the top of the mountain) is the limit! Compare successes using the game’s social features. Who will be the terror of the Himalayas?

Thanks to the addictive, simplified touch gameplay, you can teach those pesky climbers a thing or two about life… the hard way! Have fun tearing them to shreds in a cartoonish environment with 3D graphics.

Who’s ready to freeze some climbers?

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